Friday, 12 October 2012

Stock Photography in South Africa.. EISH!

Hi all.

I have started the great venture into the world of stock photography! I've gone through a couple of books and I am currently improving my knowledge on Lightroom and Photoshop processing.

I have seen the need to start making a couple bucks off of my photography as a lot of time and money has been invested in equipment and knowledge. I do not really charge people around my small town for photographs since there is a lot of competition and I am still new to it all. However I have a few tricks up my sleeve. If I offer people photo shoots for close to nothing but then tell them in return all they need to do a couple photos for myself (ok not those exact words but I'm sure you get the idea). This would mean the model / client is happy since they pay a very decent amount for their shoot and I am happy because I earn a little money off the shoot and possibly more off the long lasting stock. Win-win situation!

The one thing I am battling with is having an istockphoto contributors account in South Africa. The main problem is: How does one cash in on their earnings? Sadly I have done a few searches and they have all been fruitless.

When and if I find some info on this matter I shall post it. Hopefully others wanting to follow my path (and the path of many others) will stumble across this info and I am hoping it will be of use to them.

Lastly.. I think I need to update my blog a bit more.

EDIT: just had a chat with a rep from and she said that i should check with my bank if they will accept cheques of foreign currency. paypal is still quite a big option but for a student the need for a credit card isn't always justified. will see how this goes..

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