Saturday, 20 October 2012

Photography Hints and Tips - Google and Its Usefulness

Some of you may have notice my blog has had some changes recently (moving up in the world as some would say). It has been tweaked and formed into something more pleasing to the eye over time and has been slightly monetized. This is not all though. Today i managed to link up my long dormant domain to my blog and you (yes you) can view my blog by typing into your preferred browser. Don't worry you could still use the old link if you really wanted to but i don't see why you would.

That is not all i managed to get done today. I learnt about Google Apps - A really awesome solution for any enterprise, company or individual. Google Apps allows you to set up a mail server for your domain and it will be exactly the same as a Gmail account only difference is instead of you have . This Google service also includes Google Drive - an online storage facility. 

Now the best bit about Google Apps is that individuals and small businesses can sign up for free. At the time of writing you will get up to 10 users (for email addresses i presume) and up to 5GB of online storage. I'm not sure about the other perks yet but i saw those as the most useful. If you have a domain name i would recommend you give this a looksee. It wont cost you a cent

lastly the other thing i have been working on today is a logo for my photography. So far this is what i have come up with. 
The idea behind it is the play on the word shoot. As photographers we "shoot" pictures. The gun is a Glock 23 if anyone is interested. There is more to it then that but ill speak about it more when i finish the other things relating to the logo.

Update 04/04/13: it seems Google no longer offers Google apps for free :( however those who managed to sign up for it when it was offered will still be able to use it! (for how long I'm not too sure..)


  1. I like your concept for your logo not sure about the execution. Gun barrel close-up with the iris shutter inside?

    Great blog thanks for the info.

  2. I am thinking of changing it. i like the idea of the gun barrel close up with the shutter. Might be a little tricky to get right though. Will see how it goes