Sunday, 19 August 2012

my flashes have all arrived! I now own a YN 560 (pretty big and powerful if you ask me) and a YN468 II both of which are amazing speedlights. I have now got an umbrella as well. after watching David Hobbys' lighting seminars I decided that I NEEDED at least 1 umbrella and so ordered one.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Yn468II returned...

So my yungunuo yn468II had to be returned.... pretty sad about that. There could be a number of things that caused it... bad connection and maybe even slight overheating (running in slave mode with other people taking photos will lead to an overheated flash...) but hopefully it will be back in a week or so... next in the pipeline is a new YN560 (1st gen) if I can get it on auction for under R600. Otherwise ill be investing in a set of yungunuo 301p triggers ( I think that was the model number but I'm not really sure) anyway its a set of 2 receivers and one transmitter. It has the hotshoe mount on the top with a pc sync port on the side (I'm hoping both can be used symitaniously. ) an up side to these little tirggers is they will mount ontop of a tripod (they have the thread underneath) which is awesome if you can't afford a lightstand and umbrella mount ... shall post an update soon. In the mean time here is a link to my flickker.. couple shots on there and more to come