Sunday, 19 August 2012

my flashes have all arrived! I now own a YN 560 (pretty big and powerful if you ask me) and a YN468 II both of which are amazing speedlights. I have now got an umbrella as well. after watching David Hobbys' lighting seminars I decided that I NEEDED at least 1 umbrella and so ordered one.

below is some of the shots i have done over the past few days, Enjoy!

This shot was done with a Cannon 18mm - 55mm III lens. I used the YN 468II on camera in manual mode and the 560 on the right of the bees as a slave with the umbrella on it.

This shot is done of my mate at the shooting range with the same lens. i had the 560 to the left and above me and the 468 was to the right low on the ground (you can see the patch of grass that was highlighted from it)

This shot was done off of a deck with the 560 and an umbrella on the left. the 468 was mounted on camera and set a few stops down

This is a little (note very little!) light tent i made after reading up on David Hobbys' blog about DIY camera gear. it is a simple cardboard box with a few cut-outs and paper. normal printing paper was used to soften the light and stiffer paper used as the backdrop (150gsm)
And this is what it produced!

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