Saturday, 27 July 2013

It's that time again - New gear time!

Anyone that follows this blog will remember earlier this year I posted a sort of New Year’s resolution in terms of my photography. In that post I had a plan for the camera gear I was aiming for…. Well that post can be completely ignored and here’s why:

Not so long ago an online company called Studio22 was holding a competition to win a full frame camera. All you had to do to enter was make a purchase from their shop, and post your invoice number to their Facebook page. Fast forward a bit to July the 10th , and I get a call from Kurt (the owner) saying I’m a finalist in the draw, Shortly after I had won.

So here it is, my new 6D body:
Canon EOS 6D

New (free) Full Frame body means time to splurge out on some nice glass so shortly after getting the 6D I went and get myself a Canon 85mm f1.8:
Canon 85mm f1.8

Pair the 6d up with this piece of kit and you get this:


I might do a full review this lens sometime as well as the 6D.

Lastly I got myself another Speedlight (one can never have enough of those things). This time I got a Yongnuo 560II.

The major difference between this flash and the original 560 is the LCD screen, which is a nice addition.

On the cards now are some new light stands ( namely the Phottix p-200), an IR remote, another Phottix Soft box umbrella, another umbrella bracket and best of all, the Canon 50mm f1.4!

Lastly I’d like to thank Kurt and all the staff at Studio22. They are a friendly and helpful bunch. So go check them out:

7 Edison Way, Century Gate Business Park, Century City, Cape Town 7441
021 525 3740

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