Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Falling (fake) Rose and lighting set-up

I recently had an idea of dropping a rose with water droplets on it after hearing about one of the photo competitions for this month.

Without further ado here is one of my better test shots:

Falling (fake) rose

Fairly interesting image you might say. Obviously you will realize that isn't a real rose and sadly at the time I couldn't find the rose i would have liked to have used, So I used a cheap valentines day replica

For those interested in how this shot was taken, well, I've got you covered!

Setup for Falling Rose

Simple set up with good results. The flash aiming towards the (fake) rose has a 1/4 CTO gel on it. This is there to bring just a little warmth to the cool photo (pun wasn't intended there). This strobe also had a DIY gobo, made of paper, on it to prevent the spill I was getting on the background. The strobe in the back had 2 full blue gels on it to give it a very dark blue look.I cant recall the exact flash setting but i do know the rear flash was zoomed in to 105mm. The rose is actually on nothing other than some black card stock which to my surprise handles a bit of water quite well.

In the end I think I spent a few hours tinkering with this idea, but it sure id go by faster than I thought!

Soon to come will be a write up on the Rosco Strobist gels used in this image!

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