Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Isolated Images

Here are a couple of images I took a while back. I've been a bit lazy and I am only uploading them now (sorry guys!)

Most of these images were meant to appear on my stock photography profiles but after I did some closer inspections of the images I noticed a lot of dust on some of the electrical components... BUMMER! Sometime ill have to redo these photos.

The main thing i need to work on is getting rid of those shadows. Too much shadow and the images wont be accepted on stock websites. The reviewers are however lenient at times.

The next set of images are just some images I was playing around with

And finally the setup shot for the shoe:

This is the way I had the background light set up. It was on a monopod and elastic banded to a tripod. I had to balance it with my reflector so it didn't fall into my shot.

In this shot you can see the complete setup. I had the key-light flash (main flash) setup with a shoot-through umbrella on another tripod

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